Livewel Aviation Services offers a diverse range of services essential for the operations and upkeep of the aircraft fleet of any major airline. Our services literally cover every part of the aircraft thus providing our clients with a true single solution provider.

Airport Services
In order to provide a comprehensive & flawless service experience, we have tied up with not only major Airlines but also domestic and international airports as well.

Aircraft Cleaning Services Ground Handling Services MRO
We have the largest fleet of Professional Cleaning services in South East Asia which means highly trained professionals equipped to clean an aircraft inside out within strict time deadlines while meeting the highest standards of quality inspections. Our round-the-clock service allows...

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To complement the Cleaning Services, we extended our expertise to the other components of Ground handling thus moving towards our vision of a Unified Service Provider. We now provide all the major services of Ground Handling that includes everything from Passengers to Cargo and Aircraft as a whole.

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A long envisioned dream of Livewel Aviation has been to provide a single roof for all Aircraft related services. This vision is being realized in the form of a state-of-art MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul) Facility for Airframe and components at Dubai. This facility will complement the upcoming Jebel Ali Airport slated to be the...

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